Customers Testimonials
Thanks for prompt delivery! ...

Omkar Kolangade,   Pune

Unfortunatly, the product was NOT compatible with my computer. In process of getting a refund. Anyway, you provide a very good service at interesting rates. Only an option of online payment by ICICI debit card would be needed to make it perfect.

Didier Weiss,   Auroville

The service is good, Though I wouldve appreciated had the Octroi charge been mentioned beforehand, since I ordered this from USA for my family in India, who had to bear the burden of the Octroi.

Suverneshwar Kulkarni,   Mumbai

Well initially i was skeptical reading all the reviews about your site. But now I am a satisfied customer and would definitely shop at your site again. Good Service.

Vikash Dubey,   Bangalore

The IT Depot store is one of the best store I came across in my life. With superior service and quality of product, I have become the regular customer of The It Depot. I have purchased lots of products from their website and got fully satisfied with their service and way of customer handling. Now I usually purchase all my IT products from the it depot because they have gained my trust and I know my money is going on safe hands. I totally rely on the it depot for my IT needs. I wish the it depot a very warm good luck for their future.

Amit Singh,   Lucknow

Thank you, That is very helpful. Please tell your technical people that I find your check out system very customer unfriendly. It may work well for some one who makes a credit card payment, but not for others. Firstly it does not seem right that I have to pay for the item before the transaction has been confirmed and an order number given. Secondly these instructions should be provided in the shopping cart and customers advised that they have to make the payment first through DD or Bank transfer and have the details ready to enter at the time of checkout, or order will not be processed. Lastly a typo in the instructions: "Products will be shipped after we funds ...." ? Get them to correct it.

Arthur D'Cruz,   PUNE

i have received the hard drive today on 17th OCT. Though there was slight delay, i appreciate and am very happy with the approach and feedback i have received from you over the last two weeks. I am sure i would be buying through you in future. Thanks & Regards

Amit Haridas,   Pune

i have today received all 5 items of o/n c1580 in very good condition. I really appreciate the professional and prompt manner in which you have handled my first order although i was apprehensive as to ordering on line due to past ill experiences with others. also appreciate your pilfer proof packing. I will be ordering more stuff in the near future. once again I thank you very much.

Vinod K Iyer

My compliments to the team behind ITDepot as the the service being given is Tog grade:)


Actually I already have good Altec Lansing speakers. In the future if I am interested I will surely ask you. Thanks for your replies. You have a good support.


I just brought this product and the shipping was really fast. Guys are doing a great job.But Ultima-90 was for Intel version hope you have the AM2 Version add-on i will be willing to pay and buy that as well. So that I might actually use the product in my sys. Thank you.


IT depot is like heaven to me ,i found everything over here which was hard to find, they have a great service,customer care support and after sale support......For me its the best online shopping place for Pc components.


Got antec solo cabinet within 5 days of order from Chennai to Patna in excellent condition. Service is wonderful though products may be little costly

R Singh

Thanks ! The information has been updated correctly now. You guys are the best ! Thanks and Regards,

Adithya. G,   Andhra Pradesh

Hi, "I would just like to comment on the great quality of the Antec Performance Plus 1080 and the windowed side panel for the same. Put simply, it rocks. And also, I am very glad to tell you that your sales team is one of the very best and that it's been a pleasure purchasing from you. First time it didn't hurt to pay someone! Thanks anyway."

Naga,   Itanagar