Msi GeForce GTX470 1280MB DDR5 NVidia PCI E Graphic Cards (N470GTX TWIN FROZR II)

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Twin Frozr II Thermal Design - Reduces Heat by 16 and Noise by 21.5dB

  • Dual 8CM PWM Fans : Air flow from dual fans can cool down GPU/Memory/Power Module at once.
  • Five heat pipes with SuperPipe Technology
  • Nickel-plated Copper Base :  Large size of Copper Base can dissipate the heat of GPU faster

Military Class Components

  • Hi-C Cap provides more precise GPU voltage.
  • SSC (Solid State Chock) has No Buzz noise and higher current for better overclocking ability.
  • All Solid CAP for longer lifespan.

Over voltage function of GPU

  • Supports over voltage function of GPU by Afterburner, and performance can be up to 15%!

PhysX & 3DVision Surround technology

  • Support PhysX technology effects for realist physics effect.
  • Support 3DVision Surround technology to provide 3 monitor output simultaneously and real 3D image experience.

co-development by MSI and Rivatuner, MSI releases the ultimate graphics card utility Afterburner. This utility enables all MSI graphics cards users to boost performance and to monitor all kinds of critical information in real-time. Afterburner is a completely free utility which is compatible with almost all MSI graphics cards.

SuperPipe Technology
MSI unique SuperPipe technology uses 8mm heat pipe which is 60% thicker than traditional ones and increase 90% of cooling efficiency. By using SuperPipe technology, MSI graphics cards provides better stability and overclocking ability.

MSI Live Update 4 is a single utility software that automatically checks BIOS, driver and utility updates and installs for you , which can save your time for searching and lower the risk while updating.

Designed to run perfectly with new PCI Express 2.0 bus architecture, offering a future proofing bridge to tomorrow's most bandwidth-hungry games and 3D applications by maximizing the 5GT/s PCI Express 2.0 bandwidth (twice that of first generation PCI Express). PCI Express 2.0 products are fully backwards compatible with existing PCI Express motherboards for broadest support.

The HDCP provides a robust, cost-effective and transparent method for transmitting and receiving digital entertainment similar to DVI/HDMI-compliant digital displays. HDCP encrypts the date transmitted between the DVI/HDMI connector on the graphics adapter and the display.

Industry leading 3-way NVIDIA SLI technology offers amazing performance scaling by implementing AFR(Alternate frame Rendering) under Windows Vista with solid, state-of-the-art drivers

Blu-ray and HD DVD movies are bringing a new level of movie-viewing experience with high-definition image quality far surpassing standard-definition DVDs. NVIDIA PureVideo HD2 technology provides unsurpassed Blu-ray and HD DVD movie picture quality.

PhysX is designed specifically for hardware acceleration by powerful processors with hundreds of cores. Combined with the tremendous parallel processing capability of the GPU, PhysX will provide an exponential increase in physics processing power and will take gaming to a new level delivering rich, immersive physical gaming environments with features such as:

  • Explosions that cause dust and collateral debris
  • Characters with complex, jointed geometries for more life-like motion and interaction
  • Spectacular new weapons with incredible effects
  • Cloth that drapes and tears naturally
  • Dense smoke & fog that billow around objects in motion

MSI Solid Capacitor Graphic Card
MSI Graphics Card products utilities high quality solid capacitor. For the gamers and high-end users, this feature not only means that product has better quality components within, but also provide much stronger support while users want to engage in hard-core tuning

MSI Live Update online
MSI Live Update online is designed to automatically download and update the BIOS and driver when theres a new version online. It helps reduce the risk of getting the wrong file and minimize the trouble of searching the files from MSI website

Dual-link DVI convertible output supports Video/Audio signal integration through DVI to HDMI interface, which drivers resolution of a digital display up to 1920x1200 or higher

MSI graphics cards offer the HDMI functionality to provide access to premium digital content. HDMI enables gaming enthusiasts to seamlessly connect to their LCD monitor to bring the ultimate multimedia experience. (Only 1 single HDMI cable is required while streaming audio/video data to flat-panel display devices, such as Plasma/LCD TVs, or projector.)

Both support the latest specifications of Blu-ray and HD DVD(High Definition DVD). It comes with the latest GPU and DDRIII superior processing performance in which users can easily enjoy the high-definition video of 1920x1080(1080p/i).

Delivers up to 2x the performance of a single GPU configuration for unequaled gaming experiences by allowing two cards to run in parallel. The must-have feature for performance PCI Express graphics, SLI technology dramatically scales performance on today's hottest games

MSI products are the first to be in conformity of the EUs RoHS(Restriction of Hazardous Substances) regulations, reducing heavy metals and toxic materials in the products. This is an effort made for the Earth, and essentially for a clean future

NVIDIA CUDA technology is the worlds only C language environment that enables programmers and developers to write software to solve complex computational problems in a fraction of the time by tapping into the many-core parallel processing power of GPUs. With millions of CUDA-capable GPUs already deployed, thousands of software programmers are already using the free CUDA software tools to accelerate applicationsfrom video and audio encoding to oil and gas exploration, product design, medical imaging, and scientific research.

Technical Details

  • Brand : MSI
  • Model : N470GTX TWIN FROZR II
  • Graphics Engine : GeForce GTX 470
  • Bus Standard  : PCI Express x16 2.0
  • Memory Type : GDDR5
  • Memory Size(MB) : 1280
  • Memory Interface : 320 bits
  • Core Clock Speed(MHz) : 607
  • Memory Clock Speed(MHz) : 3348
  • Memory Bandwidth(GB/sec) : 133.9 
  • DVI Output : 2
  • D-SUB Output : 2(optional, via DVI to D-Sub adaptor) 
  • HDMI-Output : 2(optional, via DVI to HDMI adaptor) 
  • Mini HDMI-Output : 1
  • HDCP Support  : Yes
  • Dual-link DVI : Yes
  • HDMI Support  : Yes
  • Display Ouput(Max Resolution)  : 2560x1600
  • RAMDACs : 400
  • DirectX Version Support : 11
  • OpenGL Version Support  : 4.0 
  •  SLI Support  : Yes
  • 3-way SLI  : Yes
  • Dimension(mm) :  243 x 111 x 33 mm



Brand  MSI
Interface  PCI Express x16 2.0
Chipset Manufacturer  NVIDIA
GPU  GeForce GTX 470
Core clock  607 MHz
Stream Processors  448 Processor Cores
Memory Clock  3348MHz
Memory Size  1280MB
Memory Interface  320-bit
Memory Type  GDDR5
DirectX  DirectX 11
OpenGL  OpenGL 4.0
DVI  2 x DVI
HDMI  1 x mini HDMI
D-SUB  2(optional, via DVI to D-Sub adaptor)
Max Resolution  2560 x 1600
SLI Supported  3-Way SLI
Cooler  With Fan
Dual-Link DVI Supported  Yes
HDCP Ready  Yes
RoHS Compliant  Yes


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