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  1. We have extended our online presence to our first retail showroom at Chennai to ensure that products are available and in stock. The response to the retail showroom has encouraged us to extend more branches and add more locations to our retail operations.

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  1. Welcome to India's first virtual IT store dedicated to Computers and Computer Peripherals . At Theitdepot, we are committed to providing you an unrivalled shopping experience, leveraging the advantages of the Internet. If you wish to have more information about us as a company, the background and the people, please read the section About Us.
  2. At, we have multiple brands offering you a wide range and selection of components, great deals and bargains and the best online customer service in the business. If you need any specific details, check out our section on How/What/Why etc.. (FAQ).
  3. Shopping online is actually very simple and convenient. The process is quite similar to shopping in physical stores - You check out the range of brands available for a particular item analyze the features and prices of different brands/ Models, select the items you wish to purchase, put them in your shopping cart, pay for your order and leave.
  4. Our Quick Steps to Shop Online will help you get started.
  5. You may also want to know more about the various Payment Options available, and read through our Shipping Charges and Policies, and our Privacy Policy.