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SilverStone Air Penetrator 120i 120mm Fan (SST-AP120I)
Out of Stock
Brand : SilverStone Model : SST-AP120I Material : PBT Color : Black
355 600
Save : 245
Deepcool FH-04 4-Port Fan Hub
Ready to Dispatch
Brand : Deepcool Model : FH-04 Type : Fan Controller Compatibility : 3-pin/4-pin Fans
375 499
Save : 124
Ant Esports Superflow 120 Auto RGB V2 1200 RPM Case Fan
Out of Stock
Brand : Ant Esports Model : Superflow 120 Auto Type :Cooling Fans Compatibility :Case fan
390 999
Save : 609
Ant Esports Royaleflow 120 Auto RGB Case Fan
Out of Stock
Dimension : 120 x 120 x 25 mm (4.7 x 4.7 x 1 inch) - Type : Cooling Fan - Compatibility : Case fan - Fan Size : 120mm - Color : Black/White - Led : RGB - Noise level : ≤ 20 db (A) -
390 1199
Save : 809
Arctic MX-4 2g Premium Performance Thermal Paste (ACTCP00007B)
Out of Stock
Brand : Arctic Model : MX-4 Colour : Grey Capacity : 2g
400 799
Save : 399
Ant Esports Octaflow 120 Auto RGB Case Fan
Ready to Dispatch
Dimension : 120 x 120 x 25 mm (4.7 x 4.7 x 1 inch) - Type : Cooling Fan - Compatibility : Case fan - Fan Size : 120mm - Color : Black/White - Led : RGB - Noise level : ≤ 20 db (A) -
405 1299
Save : 894
Deepcool RF120 FS 120MM RGB LED Fan (DP-FLED3-RF120-FS)
In Stock
Weight : 138.9 g - Dimension : 120 x 120 x 25 mm - Type : Cooling Fan - Compatibility : Case fan - Fan Size : 120mm - Color : Black/White - Led : RGB -
425 599
Save : 174
Cooler Master MasterGel Pro High Performance Thermal Grease (MGY-ZOSG-N15M-R2)
Out of Stock
Brand :Cooler Master Model :MGX-ZOSG-N15M-R2 Type :Thermal Paste Color : Gray
455 999
Save : 544
Adata XPG Vento 120 Case Fan
Out of Stock
Brand : Adata Color : Black Size : 120mm Type : Cooling Fan
455 1099
Save : 644
Gamdias XC3 Performance Thermal Compound (2gm)
In Stock
Brand : Gamdias Model : XC3 Type : Thermal Paste Viscosity : 95
470 699
Save : 229
Arctic MX-4 4g Premium Performance Thermal Paste - Without Spatula (ACTCP00002B)
Out of Stock
Brand : Arctic Model : ACTCP00002B Density : 2.50 g/cm³ Colour : Grey
485 899
Save : 414
Corsair ML120 PRO LED Blue 120mm Premium Magnetic Levitation Fan (CO-9050043-WW)
In Stock
Brand : Corsair Airflow : 12 - 75 CFM Sound Level : 16-37 dBA Speed : 400-2400 RPM
495 2145
Save : 1650
Corsair ML140 PRO LED Red 140mm Premium Magnetic Levitation Fan (CO-9050047-WW)
In Stock
Brand : Corsair Airflow : 20 - 97 CFM Sound Level : 16-37 dBA Speed : 400 - 2000 RPM
495 2800
Save : 2305
Corsair TM30 Performance Thermal Paste (CT-9010001-WW)
Ready to Dispatch
Type : Thermal Paste - Features : Thermal Conductivity : 3.8 W/mK / Thermal Impedance : 0.01°C -in/W / Viscosity : 2300K cPs / Specific Gravity : 2.5g/cm -
505 799
Save : 294
Arctic F12 120 mm Standard Case Fan (ACFAN00201A)
Out of Stock
Brand : Arctic Model : ACFAN00201A Speed : 1350 rpm Bearing : FDB
540 999
Save : 459
Arctic P12 Pressure-optimised 120 mm Fan (ACFAN00118A)
Out of Stock
Brand : Artic Model : ACFAN00118A Speed : 1800 rpm Airflow : 56.3 CFM
540 1099
Save : 559

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Build your own PC

To maintain computer components within allowable operating temperature limits, computer cooling is essential to remove waste heat created by computer components. These cooling components allow stored heat energy to move away from crucial functioning parts without destroying the hardware. The CPU, like any other powerful piece of PC hardware, creates heat when in use and must be properly cooled to attain peak performance. A CPU can be cooled in many ways, although most desktops and laptops employ air or liquid-based coolers.

CPU Air Cooler

Heat is transferred from the CPU's IHS (Integrated Heat Spreader). It passes through the thermal paste, and into a conductive base plate, which is commonly constructed of copper or aluminium, in a CPU air cooler. The thermal energy is transferred from the baseplate to the associated heat pipes. That heat is then transferred to a fan, where it is blown away from the cooler and finally away from the PC, either by liquid or heat pipe. The efficiency of the air cooler for PC depends on a variety of parameters, including the materials used in construction (copper is more conductive than aluminium, for example, while aluminium is less expensive) and the size and number of fans linked to the CPU heatsink.


A fan for the CPU is used for active cooling from within. Heated air is expelled, and cooler air is drawn into the case from the outside which is then moved onto a heatsink to cool a specific component. In computers, both axial and centrifugal CPU cooling fans are employed. Check out CPU fan prices on TheItDepot for affordable choices.

Is a CPU liquid cooler better than an air cooler?

Air and liquid CPU coolers work on the same principle and accomplish the same thing: they absorb heat from the CPU and disperse it away from the hardware. Despite having identical underlying physics, the two approaches achieve heat redistribution in completely different ways. If you want a near-silent operation with the most efficient cooling, a liquid cooler for PC is the way to go. Air cooling is an obvious option if you're searching for a solution with more entry-level cost and straightforward installation if you are fine with adjusting to a compromised performance.

Why is a CPU cooler needed?

Yes, it is necessary to use CPU cooling. Its purpose is to move the heat created by the CPU away from the CPU, allowing it to function within its thermal limits. At least, if you're talking about a desktop processor like an i5, i7 or i9. These devices can easily dissipate 100W, and like a 100W light bulb, they'll grow extremely hot very quickly and destroy themselves and your gaming setup in a second or less if they're not sufficiently cooled.

How to choose the best CPU cooler?

Picking a proper CPU cooler for your processor helps make sure that it operates at appropriate temperatures. Before choosing the best CPU cooler, check out these six different factors to consider when buying a cooler for your system:

1. Budget: You don't want to compromise on your cooler and wind up with something that isn't up to the task of cooling the CPU you've chosen, nor do you want to overspend money that could have been spent on other important components. When deciding on a budget, it's crucial to know how much a cooling system costs and what you can receive for each pricing point.

2. Usage: You can either get by with an entry-level cooler or stick with the standard cooler that comes with the CPU if your budget is too limited to afford an entry-level cooler. If you want to get the most performance out of your processor, you'll need to improve your cooling. Decide whether you want to overclock your CPU and push it to high performance levels, or whether normal performance would be enough. Choose your cooler according to your performance expectations.

3. Air cooling vs liquid cooling: Air vs. liquid cooling is a huge decision for system designers, and each cooling technique has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. So, before picking on one, do your homework.

4. TDP Rating: The TDP rating also known as Thermal Design Power of a cooler is one of the most essential variables in assessing whether it is suitable for your system. If you buy a CPU air cooler with a lower TDP rating than your processor, it won't be able to keep your processor cool enough.

5. CPU Socket: While most CPU cooler manufacturers design their coolers to accommodate most CPU sockets (typically by selling multiple brackets for several popular sockets), there are certain CPU coolers that are exclusively compatible with a single CPU socket. Make sure the CPU cooler you're considering buying is compatible with the motherboard/processor combo you already have or intend to purchase.

6. Sizing: Along with compatibility with your motherboard's socket, you'll want to be sure to buy a CPU fan that is suitable for height, weight, and radiator size.

Buy CPU cooler - liquid & air cooler online in India at lowest prices from TheITDepot. We have the latest generation CPU coolers from popular brands such as DeepCool, Adata, ANTEsports, Cooler Master, Corsair, etc. You can also pair it with a gaming CPU cabinet or a computer cabinet that comes in various size ranges, designs, and colours for RGB CPU coolers which include baffles and fans to help with cooling and reduce recycling, and bypass airflow. Check out this table of liquid cooling systems for PC price in India:

Liquid Cooling Systems for PC price in India

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