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Ant Esports VS400L 400W Value Series Power Supply
Ready to Dispatch
Brand : Ant Esports Model : VS450L Type : ATX 2.3 Modular : Non-Modular
1205 1999
Save : 794
Ant Esports VS450L 450W Value Series Power Supply
Ready to Dispatch
Brand : Ant Esports Model : VS450L Type : ATX 2.3 Modular : Non-Modular
1750 2399
Save : 649
Ant Esports VS500L 500W Value Series Power Supply
Ready to Dispatch
Brand : ANT-ESports Model : VS500L Type : ATX 2.3 Modular : Non Modular
2010 2699
Save : 689
Antec Atom V450 IN Non-Modular 450W Power Supply
Brand : Antec Model : Atom V450 IN Wattage : 450 Watts Fan : 120mm Fan
2170 3180
Save : 1010
Ant Esports VS600L 600W Value Series Power Supply
Brand : ANT-ESports Model : VS600L Type : ATX 2.3 Modular : Non-Modular
2270 3299
Save : 1029
Gigabyte P450B 450W Power Supply
Brand : Gigabyte Model : P450B Type : Power Supply Maximum Power : 450W
2310 5050
Save : 2740
DeepCool PF Series PF450 Power Supply (R-PF450D-HA0B-UK)
In Stock
Brand : DEEPCOOL Fan Size : 120mm Temperature : 0-40°C MTBF : 100,000
2460 3999
Save : 1539
Gamdias KRATOS E1-500 Addressable RGB 500W Power Supply
Brand : Gamdias Modal : KRATOS E1-500 Type : ATX12V 2.4 Maximum Power : 500W
2505 7000
Save : 4495
Silverstone 500W Power Supply (SST-ST50F-ES230)
Brand : SilverStone Model : SST-ST50F-ES230 Type : Power Supply Input Frequency : 47 ~ 63Hz
2525 5400
Save : 2875
Combo Offer Antec Atom V550 IN Non-Modular 550W Power Supply
Brand : Antec Model : Atom V550 IN Wattage : 550 Watts Fan : 120mm silence Fan
2565 3740
Save : 1175
Deepcool PF500 80 PLUS Standard Power Supply (R-PF500D-HA0B-UK)
Brand : Deepcool Model : PF500 STD : 80 PLUS Type : ATX12V V2.4
2735 4599
Save : 1864
DeepCool PK-D Series PK450D Power Supply (R-PK450D-FA0B-UK)
In Stock
Brand : DeepCool Series : PK-D Type : ATX12V V2.4 Bearing : Hypro
2855 5999
Save : 3144
Thermaltake TR2 S 550W 80 Plus White Certified Power Supply (PS-TRS-0550NPCWEU-2)
Brand : Thermaltake Model : PS-TRS-0550NPCWEU-2 Color : Black Capacity : 550W
2910 5190
Save : 2280
EVGA 450 BR  80 Plus Bronze 450W Power Supply (100-BR-0450-K1)
Brand : EVGA 24 Pin ATX : 1x SATA : 6x Adapter : 1x
2910 6999
Save : 4089
DeepCool PF Series PF550 Power Supply (R-PF550D-HA0B-UK)
In Stock
Brand : Deepcool Type : ATX12V V2.4 Color : Black Fan Size : 120mm
3010 4999
Save : 1989
Ant Esports FP550B 80+ 550W Bronze Force Series Power Supply
In Stock
Brand : Ant Esports Model : FP550B Type : Power Supply Maximum Power : 550W
3050 5699
Save : 2649

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Buy PSU Online

Power Supply Unit is a crucial piece of hardware without which your computer won't work. Therefore, it's crucial to buy the most suitable power supply unit for your PC. Gamers should invest in a power supply unit for their gaming PC to meet the demands of fast processing processors, high-resolution video cards, and other such components that require a power supply unit to work well. A sub-par build quality PSU might not let you take its full advantage and can even cause long-term damage to your device. The internet is filled with a myriad of options for different PSUs, and it can be quite confusing to buy PSU online that will be the most suitable for you. Hence, before you buy PSU online in India, make sure you're well researched and fully aware of its different features, price range, and brands.

What is a Power Supply Unit?

Power Supply Unit essentially converts power provided by an outlet to the correct format usable by the computer, i.e., from alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC). PSUs convert the format of electricity pulled from power sources to match the format required by computer components like motherboard, processor, HDD and other peripheral devices.

Why is PSU/SMPS Important for your Computer?

Power Supply Unit is a fundamental part of your computer, without which your PC would be incomplete. A PSU not only converts power to the format required to power up your computer's internal components, regulates voltage, and filters ripple but also supplies the exact or near-exact amount of power to ensure everything is working to its full potential. This step is extremely important since motherboards, processors, and other peripheral devices are particularly power sensitive and require as spot on supply as possible. A cheap quality or malfunctioning PSU might cause problems like the computer's system might not boot and become unstable, or your computer might shut down if its demand for power exceeds the capacity. In conclusion, it's crucial to buy the best quality PSU online to enjoy an overall better computing experience.

Is SMPS the same as PSU?

SMPS stands for Switched Mode Power Supply, and it is a type of PSU. SMPS is a power converter that uses switching devices like a switching regulator to effectively transfer electrical power and convert wall-voltage AC power to lower voltage DC power. SMPS incorporates high power density, high efficiency, flexible technology, increased durability, compact structure, and an extensive input voltage range. Before you buy SMPS online, take into consideration the robustness, connector compatibility, size suitability, and wattage of the SMPS.

How to Choose the Best Power Supply Unit (SMPS) for your Computer?

It's important to buy good quality PSUs from reputed brands. Often people overlook and compromise on the quality, which can fluctuate the power supply causing serious damage to other computer components.

● Consider the wattage before buying PSU online. If your maximum expected output is 450W then buying a minimum 500W, 550W, or 600W PSU would be suitable. Because PSUs run at maximum efficiency and a low wattage PSU will not only barely fulfil your power requirements but will also produce more heat, decreasing its lifetime. As a result, it is a rule of thumb to always have a little bit of headroom before you buy SMPS online.

● Don't just buy the most powerful SMPS; rather, calculate your PC's power requirements through a power calculator app available online and accordingly buy SMPS online.

● Invest in a high-efficiency rating PSU. A high-power-efficient PSU will keep your device cool and increase its lifespan. PSUs have efficiency and reliability ratings on them. Named after metals like Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Titanium. An increase in the value of the above-mentioned metals indicates the higher efficiency of the PSUs.

● Ensure that the power supply unit's connectors are compatible with your device.

● Choose the size of the PSU that can fit inside your computer cabinet. Large-sized PSUs are labelled as ATX, medium-sized are labelled as SFX-L, and small-sized are labelled as SFX.

● Keep these features in mind before you buy PSU online: Fully modular PSU has no cords attached to it, and that's why you can attach cables according to your own requirement. Semi-modular PSU comes with essential cords like the power connector for the CPU. These cords are non-detachable, but you can add cords according to your need. Non-modular PSU comes with permanently attached cables. There are many other differences between the three, but the key difference lies in the cabling.

Top PSU Brands at TheITDepot

Being India's first online computer store for computer hardware components, TheITDepot offers some of the top reputed brands to buy PSU online in India like ADATA, ANT-ESports, Antec, ASUS, Cooler Master, Corsair, DEEPCOOL, Fractal Design, Gigabyte, LIAN LI, MSI, NZXT, Seasonic, SilverStone, and Thermal Take. You can not only buy the bestselling PSU for your gaming PC, but you can also buy gaming monitor, gaming computer mouse, gaming mechanical keyboard, CPU air cooler and much more at TheITDepot.

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