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Ant Esports GM40 Optical RGB Wired Gaming Mouse - Black
Brand : AntEsport Modal : GM40 Type : Wired Color : Black.
190 490
Save : 300
Ant Esports GM270W Optical Gaming Mouse
In Stock
Brand : Ant Esports Model : GM270W Connection : USB OS : Win8 / Win10/ IOS
375 48600
Save : 48225
Ant Esports GM600 RGB Wired Programable Gaming Mouse - Black
Brand : ANT-ESports Number of Button : 7 Connection Method : USB Model : GM600 RGB
590 1999
Save : 1409
Ant Esports GM400W RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse (Sea blue - Lavender)
Out of Stock
Brand : AntEsport Modal : GM400W Type : Wireless Color : Sea Blue.
610 1090
Save : 480
Ant Esports GM400W RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse (Rose Fog - Mabel)
Out of Stock
Brand : AntEsport Modal : GM400W Type : Wireless Color : Rose Fog.
610 1090
Save : 480
Ant Esports GM400W RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse (Light Pink - Rose)
In Stock
Brand : AntEsport Modal : GM400W Type : Wireless Color : Light Pink.
610 1090
Save : 480
Ant Esports GM400W RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse (Dull Yellow - Aqua)
Out of Stock
Brand : AntEsport Modal : GM400W Type : Wireless Color : Dull Yellow.
610 1090
Save : 480
Gamdias ZEUS E3 Gaming Optical Mouse + NYX E1 Gaming Mousepad Combo
In Stock
Brand : Gamdias Model : ZEUS E3 + NYX E1 Keys : 7 Lighting : RGB
635 2000
Save : 1365
Galax Slider 04 Gaming Mouse
Brand : Galax Model : Slider 04 DPI : 6400 Connectivity :USB
700 1500
Save : 800
Ant Esports GM700 RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse - Black
In Stock
Brand : Ant Esports Model : GM700 Type : Wireless Color : Black
825 1999
Save : 1174
Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming M100 RGB Mouse (GY50Z71902)
Brand : Lenovo Model : GY50Z71902 Color : Black Mice Button : 7
940 1990
Save : 1050
GALAX SLD-03 Gaming Mouse - Black
Brand : Galax Modal : SLD-03 Type : USB2.0 Color : Black.
975 1490
Save : 515
Ant Esports GM610 Crystal RGB Wired Gaming Mouse - White
Ready to Dispatch
Brand : Ant Esports Model : GM610 Buttons : 7 Connector : USB
1200 2990
Save : 1790
Galax Slider 01 Gaming Mouse
Out of Stock
Brand : Galax Model : Slider 01 DPI : 7200 LED : RGB
1215 2000
Save : 785
Galax Slider 02 Gaming Mouse
Out of Stock
Brand : Galax Model : Slider 02 DPI : 3200 Connectivity :USB
1215 2000
Save : 785
Razer DeathAdder Essential White Edition - Ergonomic Wired Gaming Mouse (RZ01-03850200-R3M1)
Ready to Dispatch
Brand : Razer Model : RZ01-03850200-R3M1 FORM FACTOR : Right-Handed Colour : White
1390 4499
Save : 3109

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If you want a gadget that is more comfortable, more robust, has greater functionality and is tuned for gaming performance, gaming mice might be a terrific purchase. Gaming mice are designed to suit a variety of grip patterns, feature more buttons, and respond faster.

What are the different types of gaming mice?

A gaming mouse provides you with a competitive advantage and makes playing certain games much more comfortable and easy. Let’s look at a few different sorts of gaming mice, most of which feature button designs and placements that are designed to help with various types of games. Below are those types:

1. Shooter Mice: For main input, shooter mice has a standard right click-mouse wheel-left click arrangement, similar to most typical desktop gaming mice, plus two to three thumb buttons.

2. Optical Gaming Mouse: When it comes to gaming, it is obvious that an optical mouse is a preferable option. They provide superior tracking capabilities and pointing precision.

3. Ambidextrous Mice: This mouse has a simple shooter-style button layout with thumb buttons on both sides, assuming that players will deactivate the buttons for their off-hand.

4. Mobile Mice: These mice are often wireless and considerably lighter than regular gaming mice. They also have a distinct benefit for gamers who favour a tip grip approach, since the smaller body allows for more manoeuvrability while touching less of the mouse


5. Hybrid Mice: The "Hybrid" gaming mouse is the jack of all trades. With their two side buttons, as well as a secret thumb button, you get more control exactly where you need it, making things easier and faster. They aim to provide the best of both worlds by being versatile enough to operate with any gaming genre while not excelling at any one activity.

Advantages of a gaming computer mouse

A gaming mouse isn't the same as a regular computer mouse. A Gaming computer mouse comes with a variety of useful features, including a comfortable design, customizable buttons, adjustable weights, and more. Here are a few advantages of using a gaming mouse and discover what’s right for you.

● Better durability and performance: A gaming mouse should last at least two years before it has to be replaced. , and you should only replace it if it becomes faulty or broken.

● Excellent comfort and ergonomic benefits: The best ergonomic mouse are comfortable in your hand and enjoyable to use. All of the buttons are conveniently accessible and the form provides for a secure grasp.

● They don’t lag: Gaming mice usually don’t lag. They have a 2.4GHz frequency which is used by almost all modern wireless gaming mice nowadays. A gaming mouse gives a 1,000Hz polling rate, which is much greater than the 133Hz polling rate used by certain bluetooth mice.

● Sweat preventive: Look for a sweatproof gaming mouse with an integrated cooling system to keep your palms cool and dry and your K/D (kill/death ratio) sky-high.

● Adjustable sensitivity on programmable buttons: With its ergonomic construction and built-in cooling system, a mouse should attempt to balance performance and comfort.

In a word, make sure your mouse provides you comfort and customizability, and as a result, it will help you be more productive.

What to look for before buying a gaming mouse?

The mouse's general form or design, DPI, sensor type, mappable buttons, whether it should be a wireless gaming mouse or an RGB gaming mouse are all important considerations. Because each gamer has distinct needs, it's tough to suggest an ideal mouse that suits everyone. Before you buy a gaming mouse, look for the ones that tick-check your personal choices like anti-slip grip, comfort, button placement or the type - wireless/wired gaming mouse.

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