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ANT-ESports 8077 Gaming Chair - Red
Out of Stock
Brand : ANT-ESports Model : ANT-8077 Color : Red Type : Gaming Chair
8955 12999
Save : 4044
ANT-ESports 8077 Gaming Chair - Green
Out of Stock
Brand : ANT-ESports Model : ANT-8077 Color : Green Type : Gaming Chair
8955 12999
Save : 4044
GALAX GC-04 Gaming Chair - Black
Brand : Galax Modal : GC-04 Material : Fabric Color : Black.
14300 24990
Save : 10690
Ant Esports GameX Delta Gaming Chair - Red
Brand : ANT-ESports Model : GameX Delta Color : Red Type : Gaming Chair
15445 16599
Save : 1154
Ant Esports GameX Delta Gaming Chair - Blue
Brand : ANT-ESports Model : GameX Delta Color : Blue Type : Gaming Chair
15445 16599
Save : 1154
Ant Esports Royale Gaming Chair - Red-Black
Brand : ANT-ESports Model : Royale Type : Gaming Chair Color : Red-Black
16225 17399
Save : 1174
GALAX GC-04W Gaming Chair - White
Brand : Galax Modal : GC-04W material : Fabric Color : White.
16585 25990
Save : 9405
Ant Esports Royale Gaming Chair - Blue-Black
Out of Stock
Brand : ANT-ESports Model : GameX Royale Type : Gaming Chair Feature :Locking Tilt Mechanism
16710 17399
Save : 689
Ant Esports Infinity Plus Gaming Chair - Red-Black
Brand : ANT-ESports Model : Infinity Plus Chair Type : Gaming Chair Color : Red Black
Ant Esports Infinity Plus Gaming Chair - Blue-Black
Brand : ANT-ESports Model : Infinity Plus Chair Type : Gaming Chair Color : Blue-Black
Gamdias Aphrodite EF1 Multifunction PC Gaming Chair - Black-Red
Out of Stock
Brand : Gamdias Model : APHRODITE EF1 L Colors : Black - Red Materials : Leather Style Vinyl
18155 50000
Save : 31845
Corsair TC70 REMIX Gaming Chair Relaxed Fit - White (CF-9010040-WW)
In Stock
Brand : Corsair Modal : TC70 Material : Nylon Color : White
18990 29990
Save : 11000
Cooler Master Caliber R1S CAMO Gaming Chair (CMI-GCR1S-BKC)
Brand : Cooler Master Model : CMI-GCR1S-BKC Color : Dark Knight CAMO Type : Gaming Chair
19100 23999
Save : 4899
Cooler Master CALIBER R3 Gaming Chair Black
Brand : Cooler Master Modal : CALIBER R3 Material : Steel Color : Black
19205 38999
Save : 19794
Corsair T3 RUSH Gaming Chair - Charcoal (CF-9010029-WW)
Out of Stock
Brand : Corsair Model : T3 RUSH Type : Gaming Chair Color : Charcoal
19325 41250
Save : 21925
Corsair T3 RUSH Gaming Chair Grey White (CF-9010030-UK)
In Stock
Brand : Corsair Modal : T3 RUSH Material : Nylon Color : White
19325 37999
Save : 18674

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Gaming is one of the most enjoyable activities, and the thrill that comes with it is unexplainable. Games like Dota, Counter-Strike, Fortnite, or Call of Duty can go on for extended period of time and sitting for hours especially on a chair that is not meant for gaming has a lot of health risks associated with it. It can cause a lot of damage, for example it strains your body and puts it in an unfavourable position. We sometimes neglect the most crucial aspect of PC and console gaming, which is our posture. Gaming can go on for hours, and you don't want your body to suffer the effects of your enjoyment. Therefore, you should take this seriously and invest in a good gaming chair.

A gaming chair is a race-car-inspired chair that is now used in place of a normal chair. A gaming chair is traditionally designed with a robust and durable design that not only looks good but also provides comfort and other benefits. Gaming chairs are designed to keep your body upright during long gaming sessions. It offers you with the necessary support and comfort, allowing you to enjoy your gaming even more.

What is the difference between a normal chair and a gaming chair?

The differences between a gaming chair and a normal chair are quite easy to spot:

● Gaming chairs stand out due to their vivid colours and typically bulkier frames, whereas normal chairs blend in much more easily.

● Gaming chairs have a tall wingback, bucket seat, and elevated seat edges while normal chairs have a wingless design and a flat seat.

● Normal chairs come with a built-in, non-adjustable lumbar support and 1D armrests. On the other hand, gaming chairs have lumbar and head support cushions are featured, as well as 3D armrests that may be adjusted in at least three orientations.

● Gaming chairs may also recline far further than normal chairs, and often come with rocking and tilt locks as well.

What are the benefits of using a gaming chair?

Anyone who plans to spend a lot of time in their chair should make sure it has ergonomic features that provide not only comfort but also the right support. An ergonomic gaming chair is one that is constructed with characteristics that provide proper support for the body's shape, hence reducing health risks and increasing productivity. A gaming chair has several ergonomic characteristics, such as a lumbar pillow, neck pillow, padded armrest, neck pillow, and enough back support.

These ergonomic features assist your body's posture, ensuring that you sit upright with exactly the perfect degree of recline. They also aid in the prevention of health problems associated with poor posture and lengthy periods of sitting. Some more benefits of using an ergonomic gaming chair are:

1. Features & High-Quality: A gaming chair stands apart in the market for several reasons—racecar-inspired design, comfortable seats, ergonomic features, and more. This dynamic product has several different features that all contribute to your comfort, support, and ultimate relaxation.

2. Bucket Seat: Many gaming chairs include a curved bucket seat that correctly suits the individual, inspired by racing car seats. This keeps the body in place and prevents it from slipping lower, resulting in incorrect or uncomfortable posture.

3. Quality Upholstery: A gaming chair is covered with high-quality upholstery that is both breathable and long-lasting, offering both comfort and longevity. One of the most widely utilised textiles is PU leather.

4. Adjustable Headrest and Seat Height: With the flexibility of adjustable headrest and seat height, you can customise the dimensions of your gaming chair to fit your height and comfort.

5. Adjustable Armrests: Adjustable and well-built armrests ensure that your arms and wrists receive the most support and comfort possible, especially if you spend a lot of time typing or playing video games.

6. External Lumbar Support: An external lumbar support, which supports the lower back and prevents slouching and poor posture, is one of the most useful features of a high-quality gaming chair.

7. Adjustable Recline: A gaming chair with a variable back angle and recline allows you to sit at whatever angle you like. The chair may be used for a variety of purposes, including working, reading, and simply relaxing.

8. External Neck Pillow: A gaming chair also has an external neck pillow that supports your shoulders and upper back. This helps to maintain a healthy posture.

What are the different colours of gaming chairs available online on

You will get gaming chairs in a variety of colours ranging from red, blue, black, and grey, maroon and green.

How to choose a gaming chair online?

Tip #1: Always do your own research:

Before purchasing a gaming chair, make sure to do your own research about its features, price range, and the distinguishing characteristics of different models of gaming chairs. The easiest way to figure out if a chair is worth the money is to be aware about all such specifications.

Tip #2: Think about the warranty:

Many gaming chairs come with a manufacturer's guarantee, which entitles you to new components or a refund if your chair malfunctions. It’s something to keep an eye out for if you're worried it won't work out.

Tip #3: Take into account the installation:

Some gaming seats come pre-assembled, while others require you to put them together at home. Choose something that is pretty straightforward to construct if you aren't excellent at DIY or simply don't want the effort.

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