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Ant Esports H560 RGB LED Gaming Headset
Brand : Ant Esports Model : H560 Cable Length : 2M LED : RGB
910 1999
Save : 1089
Ant Esports H580 RGB LED Gaming Headset
Brand : Ant Esports Model : H580 Cable Length : 2M LED : RGB
955 2099
Save : 1144
Ant Esports H1100 Pro RGB Wired Over-Ear Gaming Headset - Black
Brand : Ant Esports Modal : H1100 Pro Type : wired Color : Black.
1085 1990
Save : 905
Ant Esports H1100 Pro RGB Wired Over-Ear Gaming Headset - White
Brand : Ant Esports Modal : H1100 Pro Type : wired Color : White.
1085 1990
Save : 905
Ant Esports H707 HD RGB LED Gaming Headset
Brand : Ant Esports Model : H707 Frequency : 20Hz-20Khz Interface : USB
1105 3999
Save : 2894
Ant Esports Gaming Headset H550W - Black
Brand : Ant Esports Model : H550W Frequency Response : 20Hz to 20KHz Sensitivity : 105dB
1105 2990
Save : 1885
Ant Esports H570 Gaming Headset (RGB)
Brand : Ant Esports Model : H570 Frequency Response : 20 Hz to 20 KHz Speaker Impedance : 32Ω
1170 2990
Save : 1820
Ant Esports H1150 Crystal RGB Wired Gaming Headset - White
Brand :AntEsports Modal : H1150 Impedance : 32Ω15% Color : White.
1560 2990
Save : 1430
Adata XPG EMIX H20 7.1 Gaming Headset
In Stock
Brand : Adata Model : XPG EMIX H20 Frequency Response : 20 – 20 kHz Connector : 50mm
2005 5680
Save : 3675
Lenovo Legion H200 Gaming Headset (GXD1B87065)
Brand : Lenovo Model : GXD1B87065 Color : Black Type : Wired
2215 4990
Save : 2775
XPG PRECOG S Gaming Headset
In Stock
Brand : Adata Driver Unit : 50mm Type : Headphone Length : 8.5inch
2275 3599
Save : 1324
MSI DS501 Gaming Headset with Microphone
Out of Stock
Brand : MSI Model : DS501 Color : Red/Black CONNECTOR : 3.5mm Jack
2725 4990
Save : 2265
HyperX Cloud Stinger Core Wired Gaming Headset - Black - PC
Brand : HyperX Modal : Stinger Core T.H.D : < 2% Color : Black.
2935 4537
Save : 1602
Asus TUF Gaming H1 Headset
Brand : Asus Model : TUF Gaming H1 Color : Black Interface : Wired
3010 4999
Save : 1989
Razer Kraken X for Console Wired Console Gaming Headset (RZ04-02890200-R3M1)
Out of Stock
Brand : Razer Modal : KrakenX LENGTH : 1.3m Color : Black
3030 5199
Save : 2169
MSI IMMERSE GH20 Gaming Headset
In Stock
Brand : MSI Model : IMMERSE GH20 CABLE : 1.5m CONNECTOR : 3.5mm
3030 4890
Save : 1860

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The audio depiction of your games is equally as crucial in this day and age of high-tech gaming. Game developers devote a lot of time and money to every aspect of their games, including the sound. Most game soundtracks are meticulously crafted environments, and a good gaming headset may be the difference between 'just hearing stuff' and really immersing yourself in new realms. Having a pair of gaming headphones with mic is very necessary if you want to elevate the sound of your game to the next level.

Gaming Headphones India

With the growing demands of gamers, gaming headphones have become one of the most popular pieces of gaming equipment today. The gaming headphones are essential because they send sound directly into your ears, allowing you to hear more clearly. Most headphones have a noise cancellation option that allows you to concentrate more on the game by decreasing background noise. What’s more is that you can buy RGB gaming headphones with equalisation software that allows you to customise its sound profile. It has three primary components: mid, treble, and bass, from which you may select the one that best suits you. You have come to the correct place if you are looking to buy gaming headphones.

Wired Gaming Headphones

Most professional gamers choose gaming wired headphones because they eliminate audio delays that might interfere with performance. If you're on a tight budget, wired gaming earphones are ideal. Wired gaming headsets, on the other hand, create great stereo sound with enough bass. Their microphone is also rather good. Some even include noise-cancelling features and are compatible with most systems.

Wireless Gaming Headphones

Most wireless gaming headphones on the market today offer intriguing features. Wireless headphones can make your gaming setup look cleaner and more organised. You won't have to mess with cables, and you'll be able to play games more freely. They also remove the risk of static feedback and crackling, which are common with 3.5mm connectors. Almost all wireless gaming earphones, however, make a minor tradeoff in audio quality. Wireless headsets must also be charged between gaming sessions, otherwise, they may stop working at a vital point in the game.

Gaming Earphones

Now even though gaming headphones fare better, having a separate pair of gaming earphones is always handy as they come with a separate microphone which is useful while playing multiplayer games. Moreover, gaming earphones come with definitive sound technology for better clarity in hearing their enemies in game and while speaking in action.

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Looking for a durable, comfortable, immersive headset with a microphone? We have the best-branded headset collections such as ANT Audio, SoundMagic, Verbatim, JBL, etc. Shop for wired & wireless gaming headphones online in India at at affordable prices.

Gaming Headphones Online

TheITDepot provides a smooth buying experience online. So, if you're looking for gaming headphones online, simply go to to buy the best gaming headphones in the market right now. Place your order online for swift delivery, COD, and FREE shipping. Your quest for the finest budget RGB gaming headset comes to an end here. Since gaming headset prices vary depending on technology and feature, TheITDepot attempts to give a diverse library of the greatest products at incredible prices for any budget.

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