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MSI PRO MP243X 23.8 inch  Professional Business Monitor
Brand : MSI Modal : MP243X RATIO : 16.9 TYPE : IPS
8695 13600
Save : 4905
MSI PRO MP243XW 23.8 inch Professional Business Monitor
Out of Stock
Brand : MSI Model : MP243XW Color : White Size : 23.8inch
8760 16999
Save : 8239
AOC 24 inch FHD 144Hz Gaming Monitor (G2490VX)
Ready to Dispatch
Brand : AOC Model : G2490VX SCREEN SIZE : 23.8 FLAT / CURVED : Flat
9350 21990
Save : 12640
Acer Nitro QG241YS 24inch Gaming Monitor
Brand : Acer Model : Nitro QG241YS Size : 24" Colour : Black
9575 27990
Save : 18415
MSI G2422 23.8inch eSports Gaming Monitor
Out of Stock
Brand : MSi Modal : G2422 RATIO : 16.9 TYPE : IPS
9725 22200
Save : 12475
MSI G244F 23.8 inch Esports Gaming Monitor
Out of Stock
Brand : MSI Model : G244F Size : 23.8" Refresh Rate : 170Hz
9725 22200
Save : 12475
Gigabyte G24F 23.8inch SS IPS Gaming Monitor
Out of Stock
Brand : Gigabyte Model : G24F Panel Size: 23.8 Panel Backlight : Edge
9915 38000
Save : 28085
Acer Nitro VG240YS 23.8inch 165Hz Gaming Monitor
Out of Stock
Brand : Acer Model : Nitro VG240YS Screen Size : 23.8inch Resolution : 1920 x 1080
10230 24000
Save : 13770
MSI G2412 23.8inch IPS 170Hz Gaming Monitor
Out of Stock
Brand : Msi Modal : G2412 Type : Flat Color : Black
10385 22200
Save : 11815
Samsung 24 inch Odyssey G3 Gaming Monitor with 144Hz Refresh Rate (LS24AG300NWXXL)
Brand : Samsung Modal : Odyssey G3 Type : VA Ratio : 16:9
10815 19999
Save : 9184
Acer Nitro 24 inch VG240Y M3 Gaming LCD Monitor
Brand : Acer Model : VG240Y M3 Color : Black Size : 24Inch
10835 18999
Save : 8164
LG 24inch UltraGear Full HD Gaming Monitor (24GQ50F)
Out of Stock
Brand : LG Size : 23.8 Inch Input : 100V~240V Brightness : 250 cd/m²
10915 22990
Save : 12075
Acer ED242QR 24inch inch Curved Gaming Monitor
Brand : Acer Modal : ED242QR Backlight : LED Color : Black.
11025 22990
Save : 11965
Samsung 24 inch G3 FHD Gaming Monitor with 165Hz Refresh Rate (LS24AG320NWXXL)
Brand : Samsung Modal : LS24AG320NW Type : VA Ratio : 16:9
11330 19999
Save : 8669
MSI PRO MP243XP 23.8 inch Professional Business Monitor
Out of Stock
Brand : MSI Model : MP243XP Color : Black Size : 23.8inch
11680 22999
Save : 11319
LG 24inch UltraGear FHD IPS 1ms 144Hz HDR Gaming Monitor with FreeSync (24GN60R)
Brand : LG Model : 24GN60R Panel Type : IPS Screen Size : 24inch
11880 18000
Save : 6120

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Build your own PC

What good is all that expensive PC hardware if the monitor isn't up to par? Most gamers spend a lot of money on their processor and GPU but skip when it's about buying a gaming monitor. Let's not make such mistakes anymore. We better not underestimate the power of a gaming monitor. Gaming monitors are responsible for presenting the final result of all your computer's visual rendering and processing, as well as making the output of your graphics card and CPU seem as good as possible while gaming.

What is the difference between a gaming monitor and a normal monitor?

Gaming displays, unlike conventional monitors, feature a faster refresh rate and response time. Gaming monitors will run games more smoothly than normal screens for the same reasons. Additionally, gaming monitors have lower input lags and faster response time, giving you improved graphics and quality gameplay time.

What to look for before buying a gaming monitor?

When it comes to purchasing a gaming monitor, there are various factors to consider:

● Resolution and screen size: Even when compared to the potential advantages that come with a larger gaming screen and higher resolutions, a 24-inch gaming monitor is still the most reasonable choice for all. There are several resolution choices, such as Full HD (1920 x 1080) or UHD, called 4K (3840 x 2160), but a 24-inch monitor will keep your viewing experience reasonably good without burning a hole in your pocket.

● Response time and refresh rate: The refresh rate and response time indicate how many times the monitor will update the screen per second. A 144hz gaming monitor has a higher refresh rate than 60hz.

● G-Sync/FreeSync: With adaptive sync technology, NVIDIA G-Sync and AMD FreeSync help eliminate screen tearing. When the frame rate does not match the monitor's refresh rate, two frames load on top of each other, creating screen tearing.

● HDR: High Dynamic Range, or HDR, will improve your image quality. HDR imagery offers a significant improvement over prior display systems in terms of pop and colour vibrancy.

● Colour Gamut: The colour gamut of a device refers to the range of colours it can create or record. A minimum of 100% sRGB coverage is required. This firm foundation will produce beautiful colours in a curved gaming monitor that no one will object to.

● HDMI and DisplayPort: These are established standards and safe bets for inputs and outputs. HDMI 2.0 is contemporary and reliable, but if you want to be future-proof, 2.1 is the way to go.

● Panel Type: IPS (In-Plane Switching) panels have superb colour reproduction, solid contrast, and fast response times, but they might be expensive if you want advanced capabilities.

Best gaming monitor brands in India

Buying a new computer is a thrilling experience. There are numerous possibilities when it comes to finding the best gaming monitor brands in India. Acer, AOC, Asus, BenQ, Dell, Gigabyte, LG, and MSI are just a few brands available. With so many options available, one can easily get confused about buying one. But by purchasing the correct brands, you can have a rich experience while playing your favourite games!

Various factors determine the cost of gaming monitors in India. Screen size, resolution, panel type, refresh rate, stand, build, and brands are just a few of the factors to consider before you buy a gaming monitor. The higher these numbers are, the costlier a gaming monitor price is.

You can put together the ultimate gaming setup by buying a gaming mouse, computer cabinets/gaming CPU cabinets, gaming mechanical keyboard, gaming headphones, gaming chair, and a gaming monitor, among other things. We have alternatives with various panels, resolutions, and sizes from top brands such as LG, MSI, Samsung, BenQ, and others at TheITDepot. Moreover, we offer them at a very reasonable price.

Check out these price list before you buy gaming monitor:

Buy gaming monitors in India - Price list

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