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Computer Cabinets (PC Cases)

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Zebronics Bing mATX Cabinet with SMPS (Zeb-198B)
Brand : Zebronics Model : Zeb-198B Colour : BLACK Usb Ports : ‎2
1320 1748
Save : 428
Zebronics Magnet Cabinet with Power Supply (ZEB-194B-Magnet)
Brand : Zebronics Modal : ZEB-194B Type : Micro ATX Colour : Black.
1320 1849
Save : 529
ZEBRONICS Inspire mATX Cabinet with SMPS
BRAND : Zebronics MODEL : Inspire Net Weight : 2kg Colour : Black
1440 1798
Save : 358
Ant Esports Elite 1000 PS Mini Tower Cabinet - Black
Brand : Ant Esports Modal : 1000 PS Type : ITX Colour : Black.
2140 2799
Save : 659
Ant Esports Elite 1000 TG Mid Tower Cabinet With Tempered Glass - Black
Out of Stock
Brand : Ant Esport Modal : 1000 TG Type : Mid Tower Color : Black
2270 2999
Save : 729
Deepcool Matrexx 30 SI M-ATX Mini Tower Cabinet (DP-MATX-MATREXX30-SI)
Out of Stock
Brand : Deepcool Model : Matrexx 30 SI Type : Mini Tower Materials : ABS+SPCC
2400 2999
Save : 599
Ant Esports ICE-120AG Computer Chassis without Power Supply
Out of Stock
Brand : Ant Esports Model : ICE-120AG Motherboard : ATX,Micro-ATX,ITX CPU Cooler : Yes
2465 3299
Save : 834
Antec NX200M Micro-ATX Mini Tower Gaming Case Black
Ready to Dispatch
Brand : Antec Model : NX200M Expansion Slots:4 Rear : 120mm
2570 3500
Save : 930
Antec NX270 TG Mid Tower Gaming Case
Brand : Antec Model : Nx270 TG Color : Black Dust Filter : Top
2590 5990
Save : 3400
Fingers Turbo-Mini Micro-ATX PC Cabinet
Brand : Fingers Modal : Turbo-Mini Form Factor : Micro ATX Colour : Black.
2640 2799
Save : 159
Ant Esports ICE-130AG Mid Tower Computer Case
Type : Mid Tower - Color : Black - Motherboard Compatibility : ATX, Micro-ATX, ITX - Internal 3.5" Drive Bays : 2 - Expansion Slots : 7 - Front Ports : 1 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0, 1 x Audio, 1 x Mic and Reset button - 120mm Fans : Rear: 1x120mm fan(Included) -
2725 3399
Save : 674
Deepcool MATREXX 40 Mid-Tower Case (DP-MATX-MATREXX40)
Out of Stock
Brand : Deepcool Model : DP-MATX-MATREXX40 Type : Mid-Tower Case Color : Black
2855 3699
Save : 844
Cooler Master Elite 310 Black ATX Cabinet (RC-310C-KKN3-U3)
Brand : Cooler Master Model : Elite 310 Color : Black Size : Mid Tower
2860 3399
Save : 539
Antec NX201 Mid Tower Gaming Case
Out of Stock
Brand : Antec Model : NX201 Type : Mid Tower Color : Black
2955 5990
Save : 3035
Ant Esports ICE 100 Cabinet Without Power Supply
Out of Stock
Brand : Ant Esport Modal : ICE 100 Type : MId Tower Color : Black.
2985 5990
Save : 3005
Gamdias ARGUS E2 ELITE Mid-Tower Cabinet
In Stock
Brand : Gamdias Model : ARGUS E2 ELITE Color : Black Expansion Slots : 7+3
3050 7999
Save : 4949

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Build your own PC

With the IT Depot's range of exclusive computer cabinets and gaming CPU cabinets, one does not need to worry about their PC's performance and speed. We have a variety of options when it comes to buying CPU cabinets online. We have a variety of products to suit all your needs be it gaming, designing, etc. Our services will cater to all your needs be it gaming, designing, editing etc.

Before you buy a CPU cabinet, make sure that it is compatible with your operational needs. To do that, read the product description so that you better understand it.

Buy CPU Cabinet

Looking to buy CPU cabinet? You have come to the right place! The IT Depot has a sorted list of best CPU cabinets which fulfil all your gaming needs. For those who are curious about what a CPU cabinet is, let us explain in brief about it.

A CPU cabinet is kind of a computer case that houses most of the components of a personal computer such as RAM, Processor, CPU Air Cooler, Motherboard, Graphics Card, HDD, SDD, etc.

The CPU cases are commonly made up of aluminium, steel or plastic. Although computer cabinets don't affect your PC performance directly, they have other important uses which can affect the overall health and working efficiency of your pc. These gaming CPU cases are built in such a way that they offer better airflow, fans and radiator support for the components inside it.

All these components affect your gaming performance both directly and indirectly to a great extent. So, it is important to invest wisely before you go ahead and buy computer cabinets. With The IT Depot, you can buy CPU cabinets online in India at a reasonable price.

Computer Cabinets and Cases

Having a good and sturdy computer cabinet or a case is important for the safety of internal components. Make sure you do proper research and analyse it before you buy one.

We at The IT Depot have some of the top brands offering these cases and cabinets. Our range of brands includes ANT-ESports, Antec, Cooler Master, Corsair, Cougar, DEEPCOOL, Fractal Design, Gigabyte, LIAN LI, MSI, NZXT, Silverstone, ThermalTake, etc.

The plus point of buying a CPU cabinet online is that their prices start from a nominal range of Rs. 2,200. So, you can find good CPU cases on a pocket-friendly budget.

RGB Gaming CPU Cabinets

Apart from other computer cabinets, The IT Depot also offers a wide range of RGB CPU cabinets and gaming cabinets. When it comes to gaming, we have 3 types of CPU cabinets: Mini Tower computer cabinet, Mid Tower computer cabinet, and Full Tower PC cabinet. There are some cabinets that offer better airflow, better sound dampening aspects and some good lighting and aesthetics. Importantly, before buying a gaming cabinet you need to keep in mind and evaluate these aspects.

A CPU case having perforated covering or mesh will definitely have a better airflow but less sound dampening as compared to the one with complete cover and vice versa. For proper efficiency and working of a gaming cabinet, the airflow should be proper and sound dampening should be high. Plus, a lot of people nowadays have started to focus on looks apart from other specifications.

So, we at The IT Depot have listened to the needs of these gamers and come up with RGB lit gaming cabinets that provide a more aesthetic look to your computer setting.

Our Top Selling CPU Cabinet Online in India Price List

To ease out your task of selecting the right computer cabinet we have filtered the top 10 best-selling CPU cabinets online in India for you.

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